Terms and conditions

Bookings Requests:
Only one date/set of shoot days will be reserved per shoot, unless under special circumstances (e.g., weather days) or as contractually agreed upon.
Final confirmation of the chosen shoot date must be communicated in writing at least 5 days before the agreed date.
Quotes represent estimations and are not guaranteed as final invoiced amounts.
Differences in costs between quotes and invoices may arise due to adjustments in costs of rented gear, props, special retouching requests, additional retouching hours, or unforeseen extensions of shooting hours.
Clients will be notified in advance of adjustments exceeding 20% of the quoted total shoot value.
Shoot dates may be rescheduled up until 24 hours before the shoot, provided the new date suits all involved parties and no date-specific expenses have been incurred.
Shoots canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled call-time will incur a 50% cancellation fee, along with costs for travel, gear rentals, and other shoot-related expenses if applicable.
Shoots canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled call-time will incur a 100% cancellation fee, along with costs for travel, gear rentals, and other shoot-related expenses if applicable.
Shoots canceled upon arrival at the shoot location will be billed a 100% cancellation fee, plus travel costs, gear rentals, and other related expenses.
Trade Exchanges:
Negotiations for discounted rates through trades should be fully discussed and agreed upon before the shoot and confirmed in writing.
If a trade exchange shoot is canceled upon arrival at the shoot location, the client will be billed for travel, gear rentals, and other related costs.
Unless discussed or agreed upon, clients may not digitally alter images after final submission without consent.
Retouching deadlines expected within less than a week after communication of selects may incur additional costs.
Unmet retouching deadlines may result if not requested at the time of the shoot.
Shooting Hours:
Unless negotiated differently, shooting hours are as follows:
Half-day: Up to 5 hours
Full day: Up to 10 hours, with a reasonable break
Third-Party Gear/Props Rental:
Additional gear, props, or studio hires might be necessary to fulfil the shoot's brief. Quotes for such rentals will be provided and approved by the client during the shoot's pre-production phase.
Responsibility for gear selection, quotes, sourcing, collections, and returns lies with the photographer.
In most cases, the photographer will manage payments for rented gear, which will be added to their invoice.
For high-intensity shoots, an assistant might be required. Photographic assistance is only sought when necessary, and the budget must accommodate this assistance once required.
Photo assistant rates are non-negotiable, determined by industry standards and skill level.
The photographer won't facilitate sourcing photographic assistants for free work unless voluntarily offered by the assistants.
Stylists, Makeup Artists, and Crew:
The photographer is not responsible for non-photographic functions like styling, hair, or makeup. Additional crew members will be sourced at their respective rates if needed for the brief.
The photographer won't assist in sourcing unpaid crew members except for non-profit projects.
Working with professional models is preferred in all shoots.
Models will always be compensated fairly, irrespective of portfolio usage.
The photographer won't engage in sourcing models for unpaid work, unless for non-profit endeavours.
Unless specified, models will receive access to resulting images for portfolio use only.
Image Selections:
After the shoot, low-resolution image selections will be provided to the client for final editing selection.
The number of final images for selection depends on the job's specifics or retouching requirements.
These unretouched, low-res files are solely for the client's use and may not be shared or distributed on any platforms.
Third-party Image Usage:
Clients cannot supply submitted images to third parties for profit, advertising, or social promotion without negotiation and agreement.
Usage rates for entities other than the original client should be discussed and settled.
Acknowledgment of receipt upon invoice reception is appreciated.
Unless otherwise specified, invoices should be settled within 30 days of receipt.
Raw Images:
Unedited images will only be provided directly to a professional retoucher or if buyouts have been arranged beforehand.
All raw images from a shoot will not be given to the client under any circumstances.
Social/Print Photo Credits:
While photo credits on social media platforms are welcomed, they're not obligatory for paying clients unless explicitly agreed upon.
Agreed-upon discounts for clients with significant social followings in exchange for photo credits should be honoured. If not, the discount will be void, and the full quoted price shall be paid.

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