Bookings Requests:     
•    Only one date will be reserved per shoot, unless there are special circumstances (eg. weather days) or a number of days have been         contractually agreed.     
•    Reserved dates are held upon request, but final confirmation of the chosen shoot date should be communicated in writing at least         7 days before the agreed date. 

•    Quotes are estimations of final costs and are not guaranteed to be the final invoiced amounts.     
•    Small differences in costs between quotes and invoices are often likely due to the addition, subtraction or alteration of rented gear,         props, special retouching requests, additional retouching hours or unforeseen extensions of the number of shooting hours.     
•    Clients will always be notified in advance of adjustments of more than 20% to quoted amounts of the shoot’s total value. 

•    A shoot date may be rescheduled at any time up until 12hrs prior to the shoot provided that the new date suits all parties involved          and no date-specific expenses have already been incurred. 

•    Shoots cancelled more than 24hrs prior to scheduled shoot time are not subject to any fees barring what has already been spent          on shoot related purchases or hiring.     
•    Shoots cancelled within 24hrs of the scheduled start time will be billed 50% cancellation fee.     
•    Shoots, the cancellation of which is only relayed upon arrival at the shoot location, will be billed a 50% cancellation fee as well as          the costs of travel and any gear rented and other related costs for the shoot. 

Trade Exchanges:      
•    In certain instances, trades can be negotiated for discounted rates. These negotiations and the values of the goods/services of the         trade exchange should be discussed and agreed in full prior to the shoot and confirmed in writing.     
•    If trades are negotiated the limits of shooting hours and retouching should be clearly agreed prior to the shoot.    
•    If a trade exchange shoot is cancelled, the cancellation of which is only relayed upon arrival at the shoot location, client will be                 billed for the costs of travel and any gear rented and other related costs for the shoot. 

Shooting Hours: 
Unless otherwise negotiated, shooting hours are as follows:
Half-day: 8am - 1pm 
Full day: 8am - 5pm with 1hour lunch break 

Third-Party Gear/Props Rental:     
•    In certain instances, additional gear, props or studio hire may be required in order to fulfil the shoot’s brief. Quotes for such rentals         will be provided and signed off by the client as part of the shoot’s pre-production process.     
•    I will be responsible for all gear selected, quotes, sourcing, collections and returns.     
•    In most but not all instances, I will also be responsible for payments made for rented gear the amounts for which will be added to           my own invoice. 

•    In instances of high-intensity shoots, an assistant or extra set of hands may be required. Photographic assistance is not requested           unless necessary, however, once the need for a photographic assistant has arisen, it is non-negotiable that allowance be made               within the budget for such assistance.     
•    Photo assistant rates are non-negotiable and are determined by industry standards.     
•    I will not assist in the sourcing of photographic assistants to work for free on the basis of “acquiring experience” unless the                      assistant has  specifically requested as such. 

Stylist, Makeup Artists and Crew:     
•    As the photographer, I am not responsible for styling, hair, makeup or any functions that are not photographic related. If needed in        order to fulfil the brief, these additional crew members will be sourced at their own rates. I will advise and contact certain                          professionals where I am able recommend or where they have been referred.     
•    I will not assist in the sourcing of crew to work for free on the basis of “exposure” unless all parties involved are participating in a             non-profit project. 

•    It is not in the interest of any persons involved in a shoot to work with models who are not professionals.     
•    Models will always be paid a rate/ trade that is fair regardless of whether the resulting images can be used for their portfolio.     
•    I will not assist in sourcing models to work for free.     
•    Unless specially requested, models will always have access to the resulting images so long as the images are used for portfolio              purposes only. 

Image Selections:     
•    After shoot wrap, a rough selection of low-resolution raw images will be supplied to client from which they will make a final                       selection of edits to be processed.     
•    The number of final images a client may select will be specific to that particular job or intensity of retouching.     
•    These raw files will be for the client's eyes only and may not be shared on any online or print platforms or used or shared or                     distributed for any purpose whatsoever. 

•    Unless fully discussed, images may not be digitally altered in any way by the client or third parties after final submission. No filters,         colour grading or crops may be applied unless discussed and agreed. 

Third-party Image usage:     
•    Upon the submission of images, a client may not thereafter supply these images to a third party for purposes of third party benefit           for profit, advertising, social promotion or other.     
•    The use of any images by an entity that is not the shoot’s original client should be negotiated and agreed to decide the relevant               rates of usage. 

•    Upon receiving an invoice, acknowledgement of receipt should be communicated.     
•    Unless a specific date is stipulated, invoices should be paid within 30days of receipt. 

Raw Images:     
•    Unretouched images will never be supplied unless directly to a professional retoucher.     
•    Under no circumstances will all raw images from a shoot be provided to a client. 

Social/Print Photo Credits:     
•    Although photo credits on social media platforms are always appreciated, they are not deemed mandatory for paying clients unless        specifically agreed.     
•    If discounts are negotiated for clients with large social followings in exchange for photo credits, those photo credits must be                     honoured. If not the discount falls away and the full quoted price shall be paid
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